Indication: Masseter Muscle Prominence



Enrollment period:

8 months

  • Physician/PA referral: 32 prescreened/3 randomized
  • Database search: 5 prescreened/2 randomized
  • Email: 3 prescreened/1 randomized
  • Google: 2 prescreened/1 randomized
  • Sanova: 9 prescreened/3 randomized
  • Sponsor-centralized ad campaign: 5 prescreened/1 randomized
  • Unknown: 1 prescreened/1 randomized


This MMP trial was an intervention study, and the sponsor had specific criteria for potential subjects.


This challenge was met by prescreening all referred participants thoroughly. The physicians, PA and Sanova drove these trial numbers due to high-quality referrals. This trial represented a higher ratio of randomized patients from the sponsor campaign than we had seen previously.