Indication: Hidradenitis Suppurativa



Enrollment period:

6 months

  • Sponsor-centralized ad campaign: 27 prescreened/1 randomized
  • Physician/PA referral: 8 prescreened/2 randomized
  • Sanova referral: 7 prescreened/2 randomized
  • Website traffic: 3 prescreened/1 randomized


HS patients are typically difficult to recruit due to the severity of the disease and the prospect of discontinuing current medications.


We were asked to enroll 4 patients, but we were able to exceed this goal using various recruiting methods. After receiving several centralized campaign referrals, we proceeded to prescreen. While we received a large pool of potential participants from the campaign, most were ineligible. This challenge to recruitment led to more stringent phone screening, and we were able to maintain a low screen failure rate at our site. We applied this technique to future recruitment strategies to ensure that we bring in the best prequalified potential participants. With 4 randomized patients coming from either our physicians or PA, Sanova shows that once again, a foundation of patients has been established and makes a rich pool of potential study participants.