Indication: Acne



Enrollment period:

7 months

  • Physician referral: 18 prescreened/14 randomized
  • Database search: 6 prescreened/4 randomized
  • Staff referral: 16 prescreened/ 6 randomized
  • Sponsor-centralized ad campaign: 7 prescreened/2 randomized
  • Facebook: 1 prescreened/1 randomized
  • Family members: 1 prescreened/1 randomized
  • Newspaper: 2 prescreened/2 randomized
  • Radio: 5 prescreened/1 randomized
  • Friend: 3 prescreened/2 randomized
  • Craigslist: 1 prescreened/0 randomized
  • Flyer: 1 prescreened/0 randomized


Acne prescreening can be challenging due to a high level of referrals and many subjects that do not meet criteria.


Extensive phone screening and office prescreening were able to meet the challenges and provide qualified participants. This trial had competitive enrollment across multiple sites. Having the resources available to screen a high number of quality subjects made this trial a success. Once again, the referrals from the Sanova physicians and/or PA proved to yield the most randomizations.